Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Organ Energetics Qi Qong: Tools for Weight Loss, Optimize Your Health and Well Being

Five Organ Energetics Qi Qong: Tools for Weight Loss, Optimize Your Health and Well Being

Do you want to lose weight and feel better about yourself?  The first step towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is to develop a plan of action.  Start by evaluating your goals.  Do you want to fit into your old jeans or keep up with your younger friends in a pickup basketball game or a round of golf?  Maybe you just want to feel better about yourself.. Then Check out the Five Organ Energetics: Qi Qong for Weight Loss Optimum Health and Well Being

After setting goals, you should begin to consider how to make your goals come to life.  For most people, a change in lifestyle, through diet and/or exercise, is needed to reach long term weight loss goals.  A Qi Qong routine can make a great addition to your new, healthy lifestyle.  The Five Organ Energetics is the Chi Vitalizer that provides passive exercise through internal motion that can help to increase circulation and lymphatic system drainage.  This can help to eliminate toxins from the body and increase metabolism, helping to make your dietary and active exercise programs that much more effective.

Doing the Five Organ Energetics after a long, hard day can help you to relax and keep you from overeating as a response to the stresses in your life.  Making This Qi Qong a regular part of your weight loss plan can create structure that allows you to stick to the other parts of your diet as well.  Consider doing the Five Organ Energetics for 15-20 minutes a day, either after your Power Chi Energetics exercises, or 30 minutes before or after eating a healthy meal.  A lack of exercise and increasing weight can become part of a never-ending spiral.  Using Five Organ Energetics can help you to increase your anabolic metabolism and decrease catabolic metabolism.  Catabolic metabolism is a negative force that can inhibit weight loss and contribute to the negative spiral of weight gain and poor health. You can learn more about the Five Organ Energetics here.. Creating a routine and sticking to it is the most important aspect of weight loss success and The Five Organ Energetics can help you achieve your goals and begin a new, healthy lifestyle.

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