Saturday, July 20, 2013

Messiah Seed 50 The Choice of Your Self

Messiah, know that you, and all other beings, are an evolving experience. You are the experience of your Self, and you seek to enhance and diversify that experience. You are constantly sharing your experience; sharing what you are. The reality you experience flows from everything that you believe. You create your experience through your beliefs. You exist in the experience of your beliefs.
Know that, however it may seem, you do indeed choose your own beliefs. The responsibility for your beliefs is your own. In each moment you choose them and, in each moment, you can change them. Do not give the power of the choice of your beliefs to any other. To do so is to give them the power to choose your beliefs for you; that is until you choose to take back that power. Know that even if you give your power away, as completely as is possible, that the choice to take back your power remains with you.
If you are not willing to make choices in your life, then there are others who will make your choices for you. Realize that this occurs by default if you disregard your power of choice. Your world has a mass belief system. When you do not make a choice, then it is made from the mass belief. So, instead of owning your individuality, you take your choice of experience from the mass. This occurs with degrees of localization; with the beliefs of beings close to you, and the ideological groups you belong to, affecting you more than beings with whom you have a less direct association. Realize that this process occurs predominantly below the level of manifestation, meaning that the beliefs of those around you affect your choices, without that affect being perceptible on the physical level.
Know that although you have free will it is up to you to use it. Become aware of the choices in your life. Elevate your Self to the position where you know you are the one who has to make those choices, and then make those choices consciously and willfully. You are the choice of your Self. Become aware of that and take responsibility for it. Choose from your Self, and not from the mass. As you come to choose with love, so you will put that love into the mass belief system that affects all ‘non-choosers’ by default. To choose love for your Self is to feed love to the whole world.

Messiah Seed 51 Limitation and Limitlessness

Messiah, remember that the purpose of this reality is to create and be. If you feel that there must be a direction, then call it ‘coming to limitlessness’, which is saying ‘coming to not choose limitation’. To some degree this can be seen as the idea that was translated into the concept of good and evil. That concept, however, has been taken somewhere more limited than the original limitation it was designed to protect people from. It is a tool of control that takes power through the promotion of fear.
Limitation is against the nature of the soul and leads to suffering. Therefore, to seek the expression of limitlessness is to seek joy. Limitation can produce suffering, as it is a distorted illusion that in some ways makes you experience your Self as being less than you are. Limitation acts to perceptually separate you from the limitless joy of your being.
You entered reality to realize and express All That You Are. The reward is the indelible joy that is written upon your soul. It is the experience of unlimited freedom, and that is experienced in a unique and powerful way when realized from within a reality that is defined by limitation. This is circular, with no beginning and no ending. As true as it is to say that God created your reality, it is likewise true to say that your reality created itself. Even in limitation you are a perfect expression of limitlessness. Even in limitlessness there is expansion. The resolution of this paradox is the resolution of all paradoxes; it is to realize that you are God and that All is God.
The circularity of paradox points to the root unity and harmony that exists within All That Is. As you come to realize limitlessness in limitation, so the circle will become a spiral and a new dimension of being is released into realization. Your reality will seem to continue as it is and yet everything will have changed. The ascension that you seek is not a defined event, it is already happening. Everything is changing, and yet, somehow, it seems to remain the same. This is waking up

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Messiah Seed 41 Fear of Limitlessness

Messiah, understand that as wonderful as limitlessness sounds, there are ways in which you fear it. Know the perspective from which it can be said that you must fear it, as otherwise you would be living it. You will know when you are in limitlessness for, in that eternal moment, you will be living your dream.
Realize that limitlessness is frightening in that to be in a state of limitlessness is to be in a state of unlimited possibility. This is a state where anything, any thing, can potentially happen. It is this infinite potential that anything can happen, at any moment, which is a root fear for beings in your reality. It is the pure antithesis of consistency. As you move towards limitlessness you will need to overcome your inclination to have reality be consistent.
Realize how the need for consistency points to the nature of fear; namely why you fear fear. Know that to fear something is to give it energy. To give something energy is to fuel its state of manifestation. This is how you create what you fear. Therefore, in a state of limitlessness, where all is instantaneously possible, a fear is instantly made manifest in every detail. Your being knows this and, as long as it knows fear then your being will fear limitlessness. In limitlessness, to fall into fear is to live in the manifestation of that fear, just as to be in joy is to instantly be in an expression of Heaven. To be in limitlessness you cannot fear your Self. Fear is that which knocks you out of the conscious experience of limitlessness.
In this way, the Messiah overcomes the thought that if all that it took to be happy was being happy, then surely everyone would do it; the reasons why people choose limitation over freedom become clearer. To release your limitations is to release your fears. Your fears are your limitations. Release them and you will enter the full conscious experience of All That You Are.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Messiah Seed 28 Self Judgment
Messiah, know that in order to become your dream you must become the ultimate decision maker in your own life. This is to say that you must step into your power. Come to realize that you are the ultimate creator of your reality and, as such, you are the highest level judge of what you do. Do not defer your power to choose to any other entity, physical or non-physical. Listen to all that you feel to and then decide for your Self. Know that the only true judge of any decision is the heart. Even if you do not follow your heart, and you fall into suffering, do not then allow that to burden you when you re-enter the stream of your heart. Learn from the experience and let it go. Let go of regret, for to have regret is to be in a limited view of your unlimited Self.
Know that there is nothing above you judging you. You are in a reality of total free will. Letting go of judgment of Self, as being a factor in your decision making process, can only come from you. No other can make you take your own power. There is no higher authority to which you can give your power, unless you create the idea of one in your own mind, in order to limit your Self. This has been strongly manifest in the idea of God being external. It is the externalization of your own power. Realize that giving away power comes primarily from Self judgment. Many of you have come to judge your Self and, in doing so, you have externalized your own divinity and set it up above you; looking down on you; being in judgment of you. What you may fear as the judgment of God is but the Universe’s reflection of your judgment of your Self. Cease to judge your Self and you will integrate into your being the wonder that you perceive as being an external God. Rest assured you will still love God! This is the discovery, and not the loss, of God.
To know you are God is to know you are all one being. To know your Self as God is to know all as God. To know your Self as God is to know no potential outside of your Self that you do not contain. You are the miracle of your own beingness. You contain the infinite potential of expression of all that can be imagined.