Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 Things You Can Do Today To Flatten your Tummy and Slim your Waist-line -The Power Chi Energetics Way!

There is much hype and misinformation surrounding the subject of "how to get rid of unwanted excess from around your belly and slim your waistline". If you can get past the infomercials selling their ab machines, diet supplements and magic pills you'll have a much better chance of actually seeing some proper results and holding on to the money in your pocket.

Like anything in life that involves hard work and desirable results there are no shortcuts. A task such as this requires some fundamental changes in how you live your life and exchanging bad habits for good ones.

Here are 7 small life changes you can make to your every day routine to help to get rid of a beer gut:

1. Do the Power Chi Energetics Exercise Routine three times a week along with the Power Chi Energetics 7 Days Abs Solution. After about 14 days you will be pleasantly surprise at the results that you are getting.

2. Park the car a few blocks from work forcing you to walk the rest of the journey every day to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. If you take the bus or train try and get off a stop or 2 early (take a change of shoes for this).

3. Try and avoid taking lifts and escalators if there are stairs you can take instead.

4. Split your meals up into 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day, this will increase your metabolism and therefore burn more fat.

5. Swap coffee for green tea. Drink lots of water, particularly when you get up and before you go to bed.

6. Eat larger meals earlier in the day when you need the energy and smaller ones in the evening when extra energy will only end up being stored as fat. Remember this expression;- "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and sup like a pauper" but try and split this into 5 or 6 meals instead of the usual 3.

7. Be conscious of how you sit at your desk or how you hold yourself during your day to day routine. One of the best ways to develop a flat tummy is to exercise your transverse abdominus. You do this by holding in your stomach while doing the Five Minute PCE 7 Days Abs Solution Routine.

Drawing your belly button into your spine is sometimes referred to as 'activating your core'. If you work at a computer set a calendar reminder to 'activate your core' several times a day. If you don't work at a computer set your watch or phone alarm to remind you to do this. Tensing your stomach muscles and drawing your naval into your spine is something you can do sitting or standing and in almost any situation.

These 7 tips can make a world of difference to helping you Slim and Trim Your Waistline if you add them to your daily routine. Proper diet and exercise play an important part as well, however it is possible to multitask and lose those unwanted excesses when you are at work and even at play.

If you combine these routine changes with Power Chi Energetics exercises and a solid diet system you will start seeing results a lot quicker than you thought possible. Of course you'll want to make sure you are using the right diet and exercise system.

For more every day diet and exercise tips be sure to sigh-up at the  for in depth info on how to most effectively get rid of that unwanted Belly-Fat and develop rock hard 6-pack abs.

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