Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Messiah Seed 41 Fear of Limitlessness

Messiah, understand that as wonderful as limitlessness sounds, there are ways in which you fear it. Know the perspective from which it can be said that you must fear it, as otherwise you would be living it. You will know when you are in limitlessness for, in that eternal moment, you will be living your dream.
Realize that limitlessness is frightening in that to be in a state of limitlessness is to be in a state of unlimited possibility. This is a state where anything, any thing, can potentially happen. It is this infinite potential that anything can happen, at any moment, which is a root fear for beings in your reality. It is the pure antithesis of consistency. As you move towards limitlessness you will need to overcome your inclination to have reality be consistent.
Realize how the need for consistency points to the nature of fear; namely why you fear fear. Know that to fear something is to give it energy. To give something energy is to fuel its state of manifestation. This is how you create what you fear. Therefore, in a state of limitlessness, where all is instantaneously possible, a fear is instantly made manifest in every detail. Your being knows this and, as long as it knows fear then your being will fear limitlessness. In limitlessness, to fall into fear is to live in the manifestation of that fear, just as to be in joy is to instantly be in an expression of Heaven. To be in limitlessness you cannot fear your Self. Fear is that which knocks you out of the conscious experience of limitlessness.
In this way, the Messiah overcomes the thought that if all that it took to be happy was being happy, then surely everyone would do it; the reasons why people choose limitation over freedom become clearer. To release your limitations is to release your fears. Your fears are your limitations. Release them and you will enter the full conscious experience of All That You Are.

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