Saturday, July 13, 2013

Messiah Seed 28 Self Judgment
Messiah, know that in order to become your dream you must become the ultimate decision maker in your own life. This is to say that you must step into your power. Come to realize that you are the ultimate creator of your reality and, as such, you are the highest level judge of what you do. Do not defer your power to choose to any other entity, physical or non-physical. Listen to all that you feel to and then decide for your Self. Know that the only true judge of any decision is the heart. Even if you do not follow your heart, and you fall into suffering, do not then allow that to burden you when you re-enter the stream of your heart. Learn from the experience and let it go. Let go of regret, for to have regret is to be in a limited view of your unlimited Self.
Know that there is nothing above you judging you. You are in a reality of total free will. Letting go of judgment of Self, as being a factor in your decision making process, can only come from you. No other can make you take your own power. There is no higher authority to which you can give your power, unless you create the idea of one in your own mind, in order to limit your Self. This has been strongly manifest in the idea of God being external. It is the externalization of your own power. Realize that giving away power comes primarily from Self judgment. Many of you have come to judge your Self and, in doing so, you have externalized your own divinity and set it up above you; looking down on you; being in judgment of you. What you may fear as the judgment of God is but the Universe’s reflection of your judgment of your Self. Cease to judge your Self and you will integrate into your being the wonder that you perceive as being an external God. Rest assured you will still love God! This is the discovery, and not the loss, of God.
To know you are God is to know you are all one being. To know your Self as God is to know all as God. To know your Self as God is to know no potential outside of your Self that you do not contain. You are the miracle of your own beingness. You contain the infinite potential of expression of all that can be imagined.

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