Saturday, July 20, 2013

Messiah Seed 51 Limitation and Limitlessness

Messiah, remember that the purpose of this reality is to create and be. If you feel that there must be a direction, then call it ‘coming to limitlessness’, which is saying ‘coming to not choose limitation’. To some degree this can be seen as the idea that was translated into the concept of good and evil. That concept, however, has been taken somewhere more limited than the original limitation it was designed to protect people from. It is a tool of control that takes power through the promotion of fear.
Limitation is against the nature of the soul and leads to suffering. Therefore, to seek the expression of limitlessness is to seek joy. Limitation can produce suffering, as it is a distorted illusion that in some ways makes you experience your Self as being less than you are. Limitation acts to perceptually separate you from the limitless joy of your being.
You entered reality to realize and express All That You Are. The reward is the indelible joy that is written upon your soul. It is the experience of unlimited freedom, and that is experienced in a unique and powerful way when realized from within a reality that is defined by limitation. This is circular, with no beginning and no ending. As true as it is to say that God created your reality, it is likewise true to say that your reality created itself. Even in limitation you are a perfect expression of limitlessness. Even in limitlessness there is expansion. The resolution of this paradox is the resolution of all paradoxes; it is to realize that you are God and that All is God.
The circularity of paradox points to the root unity and harmony that exists within All That Is. As you come to realize limitlessness in limitation, so the circle will become a spiral and a new dimension of being is released into realization. Your reality will seem to continue as it is and yet everything will have changed. The ascension that you seek is not a defined event, it is already happening. Everything is changing, and yet, somehow, it seems to remain the same. This is waking up

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